Clojurists Together funding

Biff was selected for another grant from Clojurists Together! Thanks to everyone who donates to them. This time I’ll be working to write up a bunch of the stuff that I have listed under the Roadmap section of Biff’s content library. It falls under three categories:

  • how-tos, especially for demonstrating how to swap out Biff’s default choices with other stuff (like XTDB → Postgres, htmx → Re-frame, that sort of thing).

  • essays, especially for explaining the rationale behind Biff’s default choices.

  • “Biff from scratch”, a series of guides that will show you how to build a Biff-style web app the traditional Clojure way–by piecing all the libraries together yourself, without a framework. It’s meant to give you a deeper understanding of how Biff works under the hood.

I’m hoping that these docs will help people to really master the fundamentals of both Biff and Clojure web dev in general.