Yakread latest features and roadmap

I made a few tweaks to Yakread a month or so ago:

  • The “For You”/“In case you missed it” algorithm now takes your pinned subs into account. If you pin subs on the subscriptions page, they get boosted substantially in the algorithm.
  • Made some improvements to Yakread’s feed parsing so that it works with Mastodon RSS feeds.
  • Improved the unsubscribe feature/flow so that it can handle all newsletters, not just ones that support automatic unsubscribe.

Next on the docket:

Open-sourcing the codebase. I’d like to get this out of the way before I move on to adding more features. The codebase won’t be polished or anything, but I’ll at least have instructions so potential contributors can run it locally and deploy it. It will likely require some code work as well, like cleaning up/nuking the commit history (ahem) and making sure I’m not hardcoding “yakread.com” anywhere.

Dark mode! And typography settings. Font size at least.

Better experience for short-form/high-frequency RSS feeds (like Mastodon feeds). I’d like to batch the posts in some way, but there are some implementation details to figure out. I’ll also be able to easily add support for Substack Notes and even Twitter, thanks to openrss.org. Hopefully Substack gets their act together and adds native RSS support at some point.

Tags for subscriptions and bookmarks, so you can organize them by topic. I’ll probably also add a filter to the For You page so you can view algorithmically-selected posts from a particular tag. Maybe let you choose how much each tag should be weighted, e.g. “50% of my feed should be content tagged as ‘butterflies’, 30% should be …”

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