Biff v0.7.11 just released

See the release notes for full changes and upgrade instructions. The biggest things are:

  • Some changes to the template project to make stuff (middleware and the on-error handler) easier to modify.
  • A new com.biffweb/s3-request function.
  • bb deploy now uses rsync instead of git push. I also fixed the rsync command so that it actually works on Mac (previously bb soft-deploy / bb prod-dev didn’t work on Mac, at least not on mine… not sure if lots of people were hitting this and just didn’t mention it, other than one person, or if most people just do bb deploy instead of bb prod-dev).

Looks like there might be some jankiness in this release if you don’t have ssh-agent set up. Running ssh-add; bb deploy (or ssh-add; bb prod-dev) I think should fix it, and assuming it does, I’ll probably make another quick release this weekend and have Biff call that command for you.