Biff v0.7.13

from slack:

I just pushed v0.7.13 which contains some bug fixes for various babashka tasks, including some regressions that were introduced in v0.7.11 and previous releases. Also there’s a UX improvement around ssh; if you haven’t set up ssh-agent or similar already and you’re using an encrypted private key file, you’ll only be asked for your decryption password once per bb command.I’ve tested on linux, mac and windows; hopefully all the kinks have been worked out. It’d be great if a couple people would try upgrading and running bb deploy as a smoke test. To upgrade, set your Biff dependency in tasks/deps.edn to com.biffweb/tasks {:git/url " " :deps/root "tasks" :tag "v0.7.13" :sha "6460590"}. Assuming everything works I’ll write up some release notes for v0.7.13 sometime next week.


  • if there isn’t already an ssh-agent session, biff tries to start one for you, so you don’t have to enter your ssh key password multiple times in a single command.
  • fix a regression in secrets.env from a little while ago that I believe made bb dev completely broken on plain windows (i.e. not WSL)…
  • fix a regression from v0.7.11 which made bb css (and several other commands by extension) broken if you don’t have npm installed (even if you’re using the standalone tailwind binary, as is the default).
  • fix another dumb bug from v0.7.11 in which bb deploy / bb soft-deploy is completely broken if you don’t have rsync installed (i.e. on windows)
  • show a helpful error message if your tailwind binary is corrupted

maybe I should start doing release candidates…

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