Biff v0.7.15

Release notes from GitHub:

Upgrade instructions

  • Follow the upgrade instructions for any previous releases.
  • Update your Biff dependency in deps.edn to {:tag "v0.7.15", :sha "b730c85", ...}
  • Update your Biff dependency in bb/deps.edn to {:tag "v0.7.15", :sha "b730c85", :deps/root "tasks", ...}


  • Refactored bb deploy and other tasks so that it attempts to start an ssh-agent session if one isn’t already running. This way, your SSH key decryption password will only be requested once per command. If Biff is unable to start an ssh-agent session, bb deploy will only ask for your password twice (in most cases). These changes also fix a bug in v0.7.11 where bb deploy was completely broken if you didn’t already have an ssh-agent session running.

  • Add a :biff.tasks/skip-ssh-agent config option which, if set to true, will disable the ssh-agent functionality described above.

  • Fix regressions in multiple commands, including bb dev and bb deploy, so that they work again on Windows (without WSL).

  • Fix a bug in bb css (and several other commands by extension, like bb deploy) where it crashed if you didn’t have npm on your path.

  • Check if the downloaded tailwindcss binary is corrupted/incomplete, and prompt the user to delete it if so. #166

  • Fix a bug in the authentication plugin where the 6-digit code flow didn’t correctly update new users’ sessions. #167 (Thanks @Invertisment)

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