Blogrolls for newsletters

I was thinking the other day about formats for recommending other writers. If you’re on Substack then recommendations are baked into the software, which is great, even though I’m not on Substack. It’s also common to have a section in your newsletter where you share a batch of links that you read recently, which I’ve often done. I had another thought for something that might be interesting to try out: what if instead of sharing actual articles, I just shared links to the publications in my own posts?

The bar for sharing a particular article feels somewhat high, and as such I feel like there are (or at least, might be) a decent number of people who I read semi-frequently who I nonetheless don’t link to often because I haven’t read anything from them that week that felt like an outlier. Or to think of it another way, I’ll sometimes binge-read a particular writer over the course of a few days to get caught up on their archive, and then afterward I read them much less frequently, i.e. as they publish stuff. It’d be kind of nice to recommend people in a more ongoing way instead of just in the weeks I happened to be reading them :man_shrugging:.

I guess this is a muddled way of saying “blogrolls seem like a good idea, maybe I should try them out.” Might as well start now—here are a few people I’ve read lately: