Just published "We need better tools for online speech"

I've officially published the essay that I discussed last week: We need better tools for online speech. There is also a twitter thread version. If you'd like to share and/or retweet those, I'd deeply appreciate it. Thanks!

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You’ve given me a lot to think about here. I’m not sure I fully understand all of it, but as someone who doesn’t like the monopoly of current social media platforms, I appreciate what you’re doing. And I look forward to learning.
Btw, glad to hear you were able to get some funding for The Sample! None of us can keep doing this work if we can’t find funding in one form or another.
Best, Jan

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Thanks! Just to clarify, we don’t actually have any funding in terms of investment at least–we do make $1k - $2k from paid forwards (i.e. when writers pay to have their newsletters forwarded more often). It’s a nice side income but not quite enough to support full-time work on the sample, at least not indefinitely :slight_smile: .