New Biff forum

With my new work schedule, I’ve been thinking about how to still find time to write (Biff may have survived me getting a job, but my writing habit, not so much). I thought it might be fun to restore an old Discourse forum that I experimented with for a few months last year. I’m using it for all my projects, and there’s a section for Biff. I’ll be posting to the forum regularly (:crossed_fingers:), and for the Biff newsletter I’ll just copy-and-paste stuff from the forum every once in a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with this workflow.

You’re welcome to post to the forum as well. I’m going to update the Biff website so it mentions both the forum and the #biff Slack channel as good places to ask questions.

(See also I’m resurrecting the Discourse forum—same announcement, but written for my other newsletter.)